Decorative Glass Options

Viridian Glass provides unlimited scope for decorative glass opportunities, which can be incorporated into any Euroglass product, internally and externally.

Decorative Glass Options

Decorative Glass Options

Euroglass products, internally and externally can benefit from Viridian's extensive range of decorative products that include:

-Coloured interlayers
-Polyholo Film
-Direct print to glass
-SEFAR Architectual Vision Mesh

Download a copy of the FREESTYLE by EUROGLASS brochure here

Viridian's range of security glass also can have decorative elements, such as Observa Glass. To view their full range of security glass offerings click here.

Euroglass Product Key
  • Core Products
  • Storm
  • Structural
  • Clear Vision
  • Fire Protection
  • Decorative
  • Security
  • Noise
  • Bathroom
  • Energy

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