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Technical Details

Product Catalogue

The Euroglass frameless glass hardware catalogue outlines the technical details of our core hardware range including measurements, glass cut-out detail and finish options. View our catalogue products.

Shower Hinges

Some image examples of our most commonly used hinges:

shower hinges2

Balustrade Systems

ANZIO residential floor mounted channel PDF dwg

ANZIO commercial floor mounted channel PDF dwg

EUROANCHOR residential Stepped Discs PDF dwg 

EUROANCHOR commercial Stepped Discs PDF dwg

EUROBRACE EB1/EB2 with disc clamps PDF dwg

FMP250 and FMP350 Brace Miniposts PDF dwg

LUGANO Face Fix Channel PDF dwg

MONACO residential Face Fix Clamp system PDF dwg

MONACO commercial Face Fix Clamp system PDF dwg 

PRADIS balustrade residential with 12mm glass PDF dwg

PRADIS balustrade residential with 15mm glass PDF dwg

PRADIS balustrade commercial C1, C2 and D PDF dwg

PRADIS balustrade commercial with 15mm glass PDF dwg

PRADIS balustrade commercial C5 with 21.52mm glass PDF 

MILANO semi-frameless Posts, residential PDF dwg

MILANO semi-frameless Posts, commercial C1, C2, D PDF dwg

MILANO semi-frameless Posts, commercial BE, C3 PDF dwg 

MILANO semi-frameless Posts, commercial C5 PDF dwg 

Pool hardware

ANZIO Floor Mounted System PDF dwg 

LUGANO Face Fix channel System PDF dwg 

EUROBRACE EB1 round with disc clamps PDF dwg 

EUROBRACE EB2 square with disc clamps PDF dwg 

FMP250 Brace Mini Post PDF dwg 

FMP350 Mini Post & Base PDF dwg 

EUROANCHOR Stepped Discs PDF dwg

MONACO Face Fix channel system PDF dwg

MILANO Europost PDF dwg

PRADIS pool fence or wind break with 12mm glass 1-16 PDF

PRADIS pool fence or wind break with 15mm glass 1-16 PDF

Top-mounted interlinking handrail

Interlinking Rail - HRC1 Roundline PDF

Interlinking Rail - HRC2 Squarline PDF

Interlinking Rail - HRC3 Archline PDF

Sliding Systems

Verona SS30 Sliding Shower PDF 

Point Fix Sliding System PDF 

Euroglide Roller System PDF

Euroroller RS10 Bottom Roller PDF 

Euroslide RS30 Top Hanger PDF