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Viridian Glass

Viridian Glass processes quality glass for all residential and commercial applications and can supply and install bespoke Euroglass products.

Commitment to quality

Viridian Glass is a leading provider of residential and commercial glass including double-glazing, laminated glass and the latest in high performance options including energy-efficient, security and self-cleaning glass. Viridian can also supply and install bespoke Euroglass products.

Viridian Glass sources high quality glass throughout the world. Viridian Australia, which has Australasia's only float line is a leading provider. Viridian also sources glass from other world leading glass manufacturers including NSG Pilkington and Saint-Gobain. Wherever it is sourced from, if it has a Viridian glass stamp, you can be sure of it's superior quality. 

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Certified Euroglass Installers

Within New Zealand there are ten branches that can supply and install Euroglass products. Eight of these branches are local Viridian branches, where we can supply glass to the local glass merchants and also supply and install Euroglass products. 

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